Everything you Need to Know About a Statement of Information

Statement of Information

A Statement of Information is an important legal filing that keeps your business in compliance with the state. It must be filed at least once a year or biennially, as mandated by the state. It is an important document for your business and shows prospects and customers information about the company’s directors, officers, and registered agents.

Submitting this statement also confirms your company’s presence in the state with up-to-date information that may otherwise be old and hence suit the legal and administrative needs of the state. Besides, this document assists in ensuring the transparency of the actions taken by your business while also contributing to its legal image.

Below we discuss everything you need to know about an Oceanside CA statement of information.

Definition and Purpose

As per the legal statutes of some states, a Statement of Information (SOI), is filed with the government and contains information about the business entity. One of its primary purposes is to keep status records to display the company’s details, address of business, and other data regarding the officers and directors of the firm.

It is useful to the state as it oversees achievement of transparency as well as in keeping records, which are legal and administratively helpful. The SOI also aids in the issue of the availability of business information to the public, which could prove relevant in legal studies or other business and financial activities.

Required Information

The specific information required in a Statement of Information can vary depending on the state and the type of business entity, but generally includes:

  • Business Name and Address**: The various ways that the legal name of the business and its address of the principal place of business appear.
  • Registered Agent: The full name of a person or business if the legal documents are to be delivered to the corporation or LLC, and the street address of the corporation or LLC.

The filing process is very sensitive, and failure to input the right information or input wrong or outdated information may lead to legal problems or penalties.

Filing Requirements and Deadlines

Regarding filing of the Statement of Information, the rules and the time taken varies from one state to the next. In general, SOI is submitted annually, or basically twice every two years, according to the laws existing in the operating state. There could also be an early SOI, which could be filed as soon as the business was formed.

As a result, the owners of business entities should familiarize themselves with these deadlines to avoid extra expenses. To ensure compliance with these requirements, some states have made it very easy by finding online filing systems that help businesses observe the requirements.


This filing process is crucial for every business entity, hence the need for the entity to familiarize itself with the legalities governing the filing of a Statement of Information. It means that the records of the state are well maintained; therefore, it updates its legal and administrative records.

The above article has discuss everything you need to know about a Statement of Information, and you can reach out for more information.

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