How to Track Personal Loan Application Status Online?

Personal Loan

Personal loans are considered the best funding solution for those who require funds at a quick speed for a variety of reasons. These are no-collateral loans with no end restrictions unlike other types of loans available in the market. Furthermore, they are simple to apply for, and those with a solid income and a strong credit score are approved quickly and at the best Axis bank personal loan interest rates.

However, the gap between submitting your loan application and approval can make some of the applicants anxious. That is why they should check their Axis bank personal loan application status to know where they stand and what is happening with their application right now. Let’s look into how to track the status of a Personal Loan application.

What are the methods of Checking Your Loan Status?

While the applicants are crossing their fingers that the loan will be authorized with the best Axis bank personal loan interest rates, it is critical to receive real-time updates on loan status without visiting the office in person. Those wondering “How can I check my loan status?” can try any one of the following options listed below:

Connect with the Customer Care Centre: Once an applicant has applied for a loan, they can contact our customer care centre. They must keep their personal and application information handy while calling in order to complete the conversation. Some NBFCs allow applicants to check the status of their Axis bank personal loan application status via IVR, while others allow one-on-one conversations with customer service representatives. Applicants are welcome to call any day during working hours except Sundays and public holidays.

Connect with them on WhatsApp: Knowing how to check Axis bank personal loan application status will surely help prospective borrowers to relieve their stress in the midst of a hectic schedule. Applicants can contact their representatives by texting ‘Hi’ to the lender’s WhatsApp number. When an applicant connects via chat, the representative interacts with them and assists them in resolving their questions, including loan status.

Sending an Email Query: After submitting a loan application, the applicant can contact the lender’s customer service centre by sending an email to know the Axis bank personal loan application status. Mention all of the important loan facts in the email, including the application ID, contact information, date of birth, and so on. The customer service department will respond to the query on which the applicant is waiting for a response.

Download the Mobile App: By downloading the loan application, it allows consumers to apply for a loan, check loan status, know Axis bank personal loan interest rates, accept the loan offer, pay EMIs, calculate EMIs and much more. Apart from such notifications, one can know Axis bank personal loan application status, receive frequent account updates, follow the status of your loan application or EMI payments, and make real-time payments. One can also update critical information and download necessary papers as needed.

How to track your Personal Loan Application Via Offline

One can check Axis bank personal loan application status by going to the bank/NBFC branch or dialling the Personal Loan Customer Care or Toll-Free Number. Some banks provide their existing customers to track their personal loan application status via net banking.

What Happens If the Applicant Forgets to Provide the Application Number?

When an applicant applies for a loan, they are given an application number. This number can be used for a variety of purposes, including verifying the loan status from the bank. However, many people want to know what would happen if they forget their application number or are unable to find it. Although the application number is vital in determining loan status, applicants can still message, call, or email the customer service centre to track their application status. They can explain their case to NBFC personnel and have their credentials, such as date of birth, contact information, and so forth, verified. They may follow their loan status and know where they stand in the application process with this information. If an applicant forgets or loses their application number, they can check their status using any of the information provided below:

When applying for a loan, applicants must offer their cell phone number to the NBFC. This number is used for additional communication, OTP, urgent messages, special offers, and so forth. If the applicant misplaces the application number, they can contact the NBFC and have the application status checked using their phone number. They have the applicant’s mobile number on file and can verify the loan progress promptly.

Net Banking: In the case of banks, users can track their loan application status using their net banking account. They must log in to their account and follow the status of their loan application under the loans area.

Email ID: Many NBFCs use email IDs to identify their customers. Emails are kept in their records and can be accessed at any time to track the loan status. Send an email to the same email address asking for the application status in real-time.

Applying for a loan and waiting for it to be approved is a stressful procedure. Loan seekers can reduce this time by keeping a high credit score, comparing loan offers before applying, lowering the DTI ratio, and keeping their jobs for a long time before applying. Borrowers with high credibility are considered low-risk and frequently receive faster approval than others.

So we are saying, 

Personal loans have the benefit that they come with the best Axis bank personal loan interest rates and can be used for a number of things. Whether the borrower intends to use them for higher education, an extravagant wedding, debt consolidation, medical costs, or other financial situations, they are free to do so. To summarise, understanding how to check loan status online is useful in a variety of situations. For example, if the loan application is rejected for whatever reason, the applicant can immediately begin to look for funding elsewhere after reviewing the Personal Loan application progress.

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