5 Simple Ways to Increase Your Website Traffic and Grow Your Business

Website Traffic

1 . Optimize your website for organic search

Many professional relationships are formed after entering a word or phrase into a search engine to find a website. This is called organic search. When you know the search terms currently used to find your website, it is easier to attract more visitors.

These terms may be specific to you, such as a brand or product name. It can also be attributes or benefits like “all natural”, “free shipping”, or anything else that makes you unique.

In Google Analystics , you can view the terms your website visitors have used to find you and use those keywords to help you optimize your website content. It may also be useful to look at the terms that the competition uses in their websites, social networks and emails.

“The keywords you focus on should be the usual words someone would use,” says Ellie Eberly, product marketing associate at Mailchimp. ” Then make sure those words are used on your website.”

Google Search Console is another free tool you can use to see how often your website appears in search results, which search terms are generating the most visitors, and how many people are clicking through to your site in search results. research.

2. Take care of all this and you will master search engine optimization (SEO) .

Make your website findable. Make sure your site has detailed descriptions of your offers and their benefits, so search engines like Google and Bing can pick them up.  This option can be added as you build your website and users find it.

Get the most out of your website content. Blog posts, articles, audience testimonials, and other content help you improve your search rankings and drive visitors to your website.

Optimize your visuals. Although search engines are much better at indexing words than visuals, images and videos can help boost your Google rankings if optimized for viewing on mobile devices. Also, make sure each image includes short alt text describing the image to give the search engine an alternate text to interpret.

Directing a visitor to a dedicated landing page that offers exactly what people are interested in can help them engage with your website and your business. Use audience data to create pages that highlight content relevant to website visitors. It can be a special promotion based on posts someone has read or updates on new features of a product they have researched.

You can build this personalized messaging into your streaming marketing by creating tags for your contacts. For a contact, a tag is a label that can indicate the content you show when they visit the site to ensure that it is relevant.

If you’re creating a landing page with a signup form , you can create a tag for that page so everyone who joins your audience has a tag for future personalized email communication. Beacons allow you to easily send targeted emails, including automated welcome emails for new subscribers and a series of campaigns that highlight links to content on your website.

3. Promote your site with digital ads

You see them all over the internet: ads promoting everything from online courses to sunglasses and more. These ads are called digital ads or banner ads and are designed to drive traffic to a campaign-specific website or landing page. Even if you’ve never clicked on them yourself, they work because they can be placed on websites or blogs that appeal to a certain audience, like DIYers with plans for their homes or hobbyists. outdoors.

On websites like Facebook or apps like Instagram, digital ads can target extremely specific groups, filtered by age, gender, interests or education level. The data you have about your website visitor activity, such as the pages or products they view and when they view them, can help you easily create and manage ads to target end users for what you are offering.

You can find a consultant or agency to help you with things like paid media strategy and placement of your ads, airtime, what kind of results to expect from a

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