Business Mastercard: the right choice for your business?

Business Mastercard

Managing business payments shouldn’t be complicated and time-consuming. It is essential to be able to book a train ticket or pay a restaurant bill easily. This is why entrepreneurs and managers opt for a business card, associated with the company’s pro account. Their main objective: to simplify the payment of their purchases, those of their employees and withdrawals.

What are the advantages of a business card for professionals? What to choose between a virtual bank card and a physical bank card? Which debit card for your business?

Let’s take stock of the subject.

Business card: advantages for pros

With the opening of a pro account , having a business card offers many advantages. Whatever the size of a company (micro, VSE, SME) and its sector of activity (trade, consulting, service, industry, etc.), managers and employees regularly incur expenses.

These payments can be linked to business travel (plane ticket, toll, etc.), the daily life of the company (ordering supplies, courier, etc.) or even one-off events (business lunch, trade show, etc.) . Payments are made online, directly on site or after withdrawing money from the pro account.

So what are the advantages of a Business card?


Payments by business card or withdrawals from distributors are debited directly from the company’s account. Managers can therefore have a clear view of transactions, the account balance and their cash flow. The management of expense reports is also facilitated and employees do not have to advance the sums.

Cost control

With the Mastercard bank card, you can set withdrawal limits and payment limits to control your company’s expenses. The configuration of the limits for the cardholder is possible in real time and can evolve according to the needs of the company.


Bank cards for companies have the same security guarantees as conventional bank cards: confidential code, insurance, data protection, 3D-secure technology, cryptogram, double validation for online payments, emergency number in case of loss or flight…


Business cards allow you to make payments, online or in person with contactless payment, at merchants but also to make cash withdrawals from ATMs. It’s a debit card. Finally, a business card can be either a physical card or a virtual card.

Choosing a business card means ensuring practical and reliable expense management, but also providing employees with a secure, easy-to-use and efficient means of payment. The business card puts all its advantages at the service of the success of your business.

Choose a virtual or physical business card?

With Mastercard, you have the choice between a physical bank card and a virtual bank card.

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